Month: September 2017

Sound Advice for a Family Member

My uncle came to me to talk about a problem he was having related to his health. I thought it would be something life threatening, like a heart attack or a stroke, but it was about his sexual health. He told me that he was having problems in the bedroom and wanted to know if I had some kind of solution that could help him. He was too embarrassed to see a doctor about it, and figured that since I’m young, I know about these things. I recommended that he buy some Vimax pills and contact me after he gives them a try.

My uncle and I are close enough to talk about things like this because he’s basically like a father to me. When I was young, my father died and my uncle, along with my mother, helped to raise me. (more…)

The Financial Mistakes for Startups You Should Never Make

Mistakes are common, even in business. However, it doesn’t mean they cannot be avoided. All business owners have faced all those critical moments when it comes managing their startup money to ensure that their new business will last. Here are the financial mistakes for startups the entrepreneurs should avoid to manage your initial funds.

  1. Diminishing the Value of Human Capital

Being a founder, you are not only the CEO of your startup company. Rather, you are also the salesperson, the receptionist, the secretary, the janitor… and the list keeps going on. Well, do you know that taking on all those tasks of managing a company is also one of the big financial mistakes for startups?

Human capital is the reason. Rather than trying to do everything, respect human capital and give it the most power. Consider delegation as a form of investment instead of an expense—an investment to enable you to spend more of your time into the core pursuit of your business. Understand human capital by trying quantifying the financial value of your own time.

  1. Being “All-In”

Many entrepreneurs tend to focus on growth with the long-range mindset in their head. Even so, apparently this thinking can be the worst financial mistake for your company. As you start making money from your startup business, it’s easy to wish to invest all the money back. But this won’t be worth it if you cannot write a check and protect your business’ cash flow.

Just a little reserve sometimes can go a long way, providing you more peace of mind. Build a short-term cash reserve separated from the money you spare for company operation. Reinvest in the operation, for sure, but be sure to save a little too.

  1. Ignoring the Importance of a Financial Mentor

Though it’s widely known, apparently not all new entrepreneurs have a mentor to talk about the challenges of running a startup company and to help them make decisions.

A mentor in organizing the money is also important to serve as an advisor. Don’t fall into the trap, thinking that you’ll have to have money to work with one. In fact, financial firms work with clients of various stages, even the startup one. Alternatively, a colleague, accountant friend or family friend will do as well.

The Eyelash Serum That Actually Works

Whenever I try something new, I always research it as much as possible even before I try it. In today’s times, you just cannot be too careful. If something is going on myself or in my body, I definitely want to know all that I can on it before that happens. I had heard about an eyelash serum that is supposedly able to work miracles, especially for people who have thin eyelashes, of which I do. The active ingredient in the serum is bimatoprost, and I had never heard of that before. (more…)