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Doing it By the Book

“Rain, Rain go away.  Come again another day.” If you remember this nursery rhyme, you probably think about it when it begins to rain on a day you’d rather be outside.  But if you love sitting inside a warm, cozy house, reading a book while the rain gently pounds the pavement outside, it can be the ideal setting for a relaxing afternoon.  In today’s digital world, using ereaders made carrying an entire library in our suitcase possible.  But there’s a tactile connection that goes missing without an actual book to hold that many people miss.  Plus, you never have to charge a battery to read a printed book.  It’s one of the reasons books, in hardcover and soft, are just as popular today as ever.  Just as vinyl is making a comeback, people are lining their shelves with real books again.

There are statistics to bear this out.  In the past few years, sales of eBooks have fallen nearly 20% in the US, while printed book sales are up by nearly 10%.  In the intervening years, where did all those books go that no one wanted to read anymore?  Fortunately, collectors were holding on to them, and now through sites like Better World Books, you can buy books at amazingly low prices, right from the comfort of your home.   Better World Books has even teamed up with Groupon and now offers special deals and codes when you apply a better world books coupon from Groupon Coupons to your purchase.  When you do, you’ll see prices drop by as much as 90% off used textbooks, and your qualifying order will ship for free.99!  Not only that, you can help a fellow student out because you can sell your gently used textbooks on their site – and make a few bucks for yourself.

One thing is sure; it rains a lot in February.  It’s the perfect reason to use a Better World Books coupon from Groupon and start or add to your printed books library today.  ereaders capable of handling lots of titles still come in handy when travelling or living in small quarters, so you’ll always find a use for them.  But with the low prices Better World Books offers for classics, children’s books, textbooks, and novels – they can come again another day.

The Decentralized Financial Service For The Credits Platforms As The Future Digital Payments

The increasing demand for digital payment transactions is due to the digitization performed by every primary provider of staple needs. Since traditional market transfers to markets occur then CREDIT developments must be done to meet the needs of digital transaction users. The market digitization keeps on increasing the demand for digital payments. Payments made using conventional banks in practice take longer. To simplify the transaction the seller’s platform must provide multiple accounts from each different bank. The transaction fee charged is also quite hefty. A decentralized system with the use of blockchain has been present to provide solutions related to transaction speed and offer affordable cost.

CREDITS is a platform that implements a decentralized system using blockchain. The deal will happen in a smart contract. CREDITS provides a place for interaction between participants within the ecosystem. The concept applied to the CREDITS platform is peer-to-peer (P2P). The affected financial services will be based on a distributed ledger with own execution capability by each smart contract. Everyone within the platform can offer and provide financial services. Balanced and undefined technology makes CREDITS offer new technical solutions from a conceptual interaction model that may occur between participants in the network. The developed services will simplify any transactions that may occur in a decentralized system.

Possible financial services within the platform will adhere to peer-to-peer rules so that each participant performs financial transactions such as money transfers, currency exchange, funding, lending, and other services that can occur directly. Additional intermediaries are not necessary at all in the conduct of transactions. The absence of intermediaries will make deals happening easier, faster, and cheaper. The revolution in the financial industry must begin immediately by applying a direct interception in a decentralized system. Digitalization of financial services will bring the system through the stages of the revolution to become better in the future.

All financial participants will be incorporated into the ecosystem can receive all services safely and quickly with the application of the principle of the distributed ledger. The federal voting done in running smart contracts will give some restrictions to the participants in creating the interaction in each selected financial service. The use of blockchain will form a new potential for the economic platform by offering low speed and transaction costs. CREDITS will be one of the first financial service providers to use a decentralized system by prioritizing the convenience and convenience of transactions for participants in the platform. For more information, you can visit and to access the white paper.

The Architecture Of CREDITS Platform That Delegated Proof Of Stake


In its development, CREDITS will use a network ledger system which will use smart contract methods that support any agreement made within the ecosystem. Some types of network nodes are also used based on decentralized network development goals based on free access from node connections. Then the general blocks book will sync with all the public ledger on all system nodes. The knot will also be synchronized in determining the definition of the overall trust of verification. Besides, CREDITS also uses a network consensus system as an appropriate method for group decision making.

Systems running within the ecosystem are a set of network nodes that process, store transactions, and confirm some requirements within smart contracts. The system also plays a role in processing requests made by third parties and providing information on the data requested. On each client computer will be installed the network so it will form a node that is connected to the standard system. The node will act as a verifier and will list every event in the ledger. Any transaction that is authenticated by the system and stored on the network node will be recorded in the ledger. Deals are items within the system that are indicative of the demand for performing a quick contract method and any action on the network. Every transaction that happens will be recorded in blockchain results.

The system items used in the ecosystem also include a Smart Contract that will allow members to obtain agreement by the terms of interaction. The logic of the contractual relationship will be applied in the user interface with centralized source independence as the leading property in the smart contract in a decentralized system. The calculation of the results of the work is entirely the responsibility of the Smart Contract method applied and will record any agreed terms into the ledger. Contract-related parties are final network participants and CREDITS system users.

Network nodes that are implemented in the running of the system will use standard nodes that participate in the verification to achieve validity. Common nodes have a minimum trust factor that is a candidate for a trusted node role. The common node will also be the current node of the processing in the next cycle in the selection of node roles in the network. The next node contained in the node is a trusted node that has the maximum trust factor. The trusted node is a candidate for each node role in processing current and common nodes. As long as the number of elections and voting is calculated mathematically, this node cannot be trusted. The calculations performed will depend on the number of nodes and the complexity of the network. The node that has the responsibility to add transactions to the ledger block is the primary node. The node will use a trust factor with a numeric value of 0 and 1.

The general ledger term used in the system means that a single unit of information stored therein will contain the previous block hash code. All data lists associated with the ledger will be related to the last number associated with the block. The transaction will take its place within the block after receiving the block from another system according to the number so that it will save more bandwidth of the network. Block number will be checked first as long as synchronization is done. When the block is gone, then the block will be downloaded and saved back by the node. It will make the most recent copy in the ledger and will be called the last book. The recording will be done by the node that has responsibility for the ledger formation.

Each data stored in the ledger will send blocks to all existing data nodes remain up-to-date, and there is similarity of data ledger in each current system node. The node will always be associated with other nodes within the network so that it will continue to exchanging blocks with transactions that occur. It is also done to keep information relevant. The set of operations will be formed in all blocks to wait for additional data to be done in the ledger. So it will be possible to store the data in the accounting several times for each server and node system. All information will be protected because more and more nodes in the network then the system will be more reliable and more independent.

Sync node is done every new node to define definition and trust thoroughly in the verification process. All processes that occur will be handled simultaneously and independently so that the level of processing information will always be improved. The bookstore will be empty, and space will be backed up in RAM when no incoming variable makes access simpler. When the required ledger is not available, the request will be sent to a trusted node. The node will receive all transactions, and then account synchronization will be performed. Disbursement will be done in sync that runs when the input parameter is the object that characterizes the deal. The operation generates the numeric code to be started to determine the position number in the ledger. The thread will end when the method ends with an error connection.

CREDITS uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) concept as a group decision-making method. When the node identification process generates a block, it will perform maximum liquefaction in each pile that occurs between competing node participants. Compensation made to increase the ledgers in the blockchain will be provided for fix mining blocks. All vertices on a decentralized network will cause none of them have priority. It is essential to be able to define a network node so that it can process the transaction queue stored in the network node. Then the transaction block must be entered to be stored in the ledger.

The Contribution of Sales Token For CREDITS in the ICO event


Pre-ICO has been completed on December 26, 2017. The results obtained are also quite significant. Total contributors who participated in Pre-ICO are 700 participants and made in 1100 transactions. The number of tokens sold is 4,029.12 ETH or equivalent to 3,002,135 USD. If you want to contribute, then you can follow the sales of ICO which will begin on 1 February 2018. Make sure you keep up with the information so as not to miss the time of contributing. To join as a contributor, you can register at CREDITS official website at

The first step when you will participate in a token sale is to fill in some information already available on the registration form. You can enter a minimum amount of contributions to join. Make sure you have an Etherum address first. You may only participate if you have an Etherum address, if you do not have that address, you will also be disqualified from a smart contract.

The amount of your contribution will determine how much information you provide. The amount of grant under 10 ETH will require necessary information only. But when your contribution amounts to 10 ETH and more then you will be asked for additional information such as full name, address, and some other extra documents. It aims to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures so you do not have to worry because the information you provide will be safe on the platform.

CREDITS provides some ease in digital payment transactions. Not only that, but financial services can also be done through this platform such as currency exchange, funding, withdrawal, and other financial services. The use of blockchain technology will create a decentralized network with the achievement of an agreement using smart contracts. The distributed ledger will also make any transaction data safely stored. The use of the CREDITS platform will save costs as it offers the security and comfort of good deals for a right price too. Do not miss the CREDITS token contribution event on ICO to participate in CREDITS development as a financial services platform in the future. The development of CREDITS can be updated through the following platform community in social media:

Bob’s Repair, Connecting the Contractors and Customers in Just a Second!

Bob’s repair will help you to connect with both contractors and customers with advanced technology. If you take a look at the experienced trade service, it revealed that a lot of trouble would appear. What kind of trouble? Everything. From the prices that too high, the efficiency that too low, to poor service. With this trouble happening in business, the founder of Bob’s repair relies on advanced technology to provide better efficiency, lower prices, and not to mention more reliable service. The first stage that the founder do is developing STWP a.k.a Skilled Trade Workers Platform. This platform is an automated SMS system that connects to other platforms via API. This technology works well, and the founders can identify a greater way of business through blockchain technology. This technology is the key to the formation of Bob’s Repair. In short, Bob’s Repair is here to help you utilize the power of blockchain technology so you can get a huge portion of more than USD 300 billion in skilled trade service market. How great is that, right?

The History of Bob’s Repair

Back in 2013, Frideric and Alexandre Prandecki, who is the founder of Bob’s Repair, formed the company which directly connecting consumers to contractors via their first technology which is the STWP. The Prandecki brothers worked hard to develop the STWP since they know the high price, poor service, and low efficiency will crumble the business of contractor-service companies. The STWP will help to provide a lower cost and better alternative enterprises such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List.

In just three years, Bob’s Repair grew significantly, thanks to the STWP. The Prandecki brothers got over 50,000 service calls and generated more than USD 1 million in revenue. Fun fact: Bob’s Repair started from a single small purveyor in Nevada, and over three years, they can build 100 purveyors all over the six states in the USA. The contractors mainly focused on many areas such as electricity, painting, plumbing, and HVAC. The STWP only depend on the small scale business model. However, the automated technology they have will increase the efficiency. It leads to improve the profit and scale of the business. For your information, the STWP handle all aspects of the business such as contractors, managing, and collecting payments. They go all out for contractors, hiring new contractors, managing the outsourcing of online advertising, as well as answering calls and messages from contractors by using a bot.

How does Bob’s Repair work? There are four steps on how this business works. The first is the business model. Through local online advertising, this platform will recruit both contractor and customer. The contractor must pay a flat fee that cost USD 75 per week. They will get many potential customers. They will get at least two customers per day on average. Two customers each day will make the contractor get paid on USD 5. Meanwhile, if you compare to another platform, the customer must pay USD 50.

The second step is the automated process. When there is a customer who saw the advertisement on the local online advertising platform, he/she will send a text or call the local number service available. At the early days of Bob’s Repair, the Prandecky brothers will answer the calls. Later, the qualified agents are the one who is responsible for this job. As for the text, the STWP will respond to the text message automatically with a response as well as connect the customer to a contractor. After that, the automated process will describe through an SMS API built on the cloud communication platform such as Twilio. This platform serves many customers such as Netflix and Intuit who are very significant with the traffic. The process also relies a lot on keyword technology. If the customer gets a message of “240 AC connection”, the STWP will send a message automatically to a qualified contractor that can have “a 240V connection for AC”. The system will learn continually to recognize synonyms as well as non-standard phrasing.

If there is a moment when a voicemail or message can’t be sent to the contractor automatically, the voicemail or message will be filtered to one of the human operators in Bob’s Repair. The operator will connect the customers for clarification. And then, the operator will also help the customer who used a landline. The operator will send a message to the customer. The human operators are not only helping the customers but also facilitating them with loyalty and satisfaction. For instance, Bob’s Repair will use the STWP to send a message such as “Merry Christmas” to both costumers and contractors to create the personal touch between the company and the customers as well as between the company and the contractors.

The combination of the business model of Bob’s Repair and the automated process will beneficial for both the contractors and customers. This business is a low-cost business model that can lower the prices for customers, and it can gain higher profit for contractors. Moreover, the automated process also helps to lower the prices as well as improve the scalability. For example, with the STWP, a single full-time employee can manage many contractors at one time, even he can manage more than 200 contractors. Also, the company will rely on a lower cost location workplace.

The Formation of Bob’s Repair

Since the company grows bigger each year, the Prandecki brothers recognize in 2017 that the STWP indeed provides a lower-cost and better efficient alternative of contractors. However, the efficiency and cost are still not fully optimized. Regarding with this issue, they develop blockchain technology. They learn deeper about this technology, and soon they realize that blockchain can reverse the three biggest problems in the skilled trade worker industry which are hidden advertising fees, review fraud, and inflated prices due to the lack of transparency price. As a result, they start the company with the STWP, and now they change into Bob’s Repair which is a Delaware Corporation. The goal of this company is to launch an organized marketplace that builds on blockchain technology. They hope that the advanced technology will allow both customers and contractors to connect each other directly.  Together that will defeat hidden advertising fees, review fraud, and inflated prices due to the lack of transparency price.

The Market Opportunity of Bob’s Repair

For skilled workers, the market is very significant, and it can grow well with the backup of many skilled workers. For instance, in the United States, the skilled trade industry market alone is USD 340 billion in revenue as of 2015. From 2001 to 2015, there is improvement and maintenance expenditure on both rental units and owner-occupied homes in the United States. Furthermore, the amount of contractors in the United States also grows well. Until four years ago, there are around 2,5 million skilled trade workers. Each year, the number is always increasing.

The Industry Problems

Just like other businesses, there will be problems as the brothers continue to develop theirs. The Prandecki brothers realize that there are three significant problems while operating the STWP. Those issues are the main issues in the skilled trade industry. The first problem is review fraud. There are many consumers that can’t trust online reviews anymore because of review fraud. This first problem can arise in many ways. Some companies will purchase fake reviews to inflate their overall ratings artificially. Moreover, they also pay to remove the negative reviews of their service. The worst case when companies purchase fake negative reviews to degrade the ratings of their competitors artificially. This bad thing will result in the consumer who can no longer trust the reviews. They also can’t trust search listings such as Google, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor. Without real reviews, they can’t make the good decision. And they will choose the wrong contractor that has more professional fraud practices. This type of contractor won’t give best price or service.

The second problem is advertising fees. Many customers complain about the high price. They pay too much just for experienced trade service. For example, contractors will use a lot of money for advertising on existing skilled trade service websites. Contractors will pass the cost of advertising on to the customers. Because of this sly act, the customer must pay the high price to help the contractors pay for the advertising.

The last major problem is transparency price. Because of this problem, many customers don’t know the actual price. They purchase services, and they pay the unfair price. For example, an existing skilled trade service website will make the customer pay for USD 400 just to replace a toilet. Unfortunately, the consumer doesn’t know why they have to pay USD 400 just to replace a toilet. They don’t know what kind of new toilet and the service that they get, they also don’t know the fee for the new toilet and the fee of labor. As a result, the consumer will pay a high price to install a new toilet when they just have to pay below USD 200.

The Solution from Bob’s Repair

The Prandecki brothers put their position as consumers. If they experience those three problems above, they will be made over the contractors. So they don’t want this happen to another consumer out there. They make solutions to these three major problems with Bob’s Repair. They develop the Bob Application to be a platform that focuses on how to eliminate review fraud, eliminate intermediaries to lower the prices, and allow customers to find contractors based on how the contractor charged and handled for a similar job. This application also provides a service called ‘a smart-contract escrow’ service to make sure that both parties are protected while they are transacting for a home repair. The blockchain technology contributes a lot to developing Bob Application. The application can be downloaded from iOS and Android. It can also be accessed from the website.

To eliminate the fake reviews, Bob Application will use blockchain technology to control the review fraud. The STEEM blockchain that the app used has a feature which is three second transaction time and no transaction costs. These features will help the app to store all the financial transaction on Bob’s Repair. After that, when a customer and a contractor leave a review, Bob’s Repair will give the review and put it to the real-time financial deal. The review link contains actual financial transactions. So, the customers can trust the review again. The review is a real review from a real customer. It will provide better information for customers, and it will lead them to make the good decision.

As for the advertising, Bob Application wouldn’t support any type of advertising from the contractors. It will lead to burdening costumers to pay for the advertising cost.  Also, the contractors can’t buy advertising on Bob’s Repair. The STEEM blockchain is run by merit, so the function of upvoting, user reputation and flagging posts are checked by Bob Application.  For example, if there is a contractor that has real positive reviews, then this contractor will have a more significant presence. This method will eliminate hidden advertising costs automatically.

The last problem is the lack of transparent pricing. The app, of course, will have open pricing. The app will provide the cost of the service for each review. The price will be divided into the labor and material costs transparently. The customer can search review easily. They can also determine the actual cost for both labor and material for a certain service. The transparent pricing will lower down the price and fight inflated costs.

Bob’s Repair also provides an escrow service. This service will make all the parties involved protected in a home repair transaction. There is a case when the contractor mismanage the fund that they get from the client and they can’t finish the job. Meanwhile, the customer forgets the term of an agreement. So, both of them can’t get what they want. With the smart contract, the money for the job will be used well. Thus, both parties can be protected. The contract also used to manage the money between the customer and contractor. The job agreements and reviews will also be stored there. Follow their social media on or for the latest news.




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Investment in The Rated Platform 4.6 of 5.0, Nucleus Vision’s Offering is Here

The top famous blockchain technology implementation is cryptocurrency bitcoin. A person being named Satoshi Nakamoto designed the bitcoin idea in 2008 within a distributed paper on a list of cryptography mailing. Nakamoto expected to build a noncentralized online currency which doesn’t depend upon an economic institution such as a bank. First, he should fix many problems those are how he could guarantee for a digital currency unit would not be duplicated indefinitely?; What could limit someone from a to acting pend the similar bitcoin in several times? Also, without a centralized authority, overall, how would you identify transactions as the real one?

The blockchain offered the solution. Any transaction utilizing bitcoins could become the chains part. People could perform computational sources to the system. Their mobile computers would operate on tough mathematical problems to prove transaction process, negating the requirement for a financial institution or centralized bank to run in that role. Additionally, the difficulties hardly would according to the number of computational ability in the technology. The more customers dedicated transaction power to identify transactions, the problematic the problems could become. It would save the period to verify any provided block of sales process until 10 minutes.

The question is why you should join at all? The computational ability needs electricity, that meant customers resources that charge money. Nakamoto designed that any computer (or technology of computers) served the right solution to confirm your block of transactions could accept a bitcoins award. By this way, new bitcoins operated circulation. Also, customers had couple reasons to put computers into action. This process is referred to mining.

Also, there is the thing of saving transactions real and secure from tampering. Part of the blockchain ingenious matter is that the entire transaction confirmation is, in this section, according to what has held before. After a block participates the system, it is secured through the system, with whole the computers linked to the network allow to know the neighborhood. In case someone needed to mess with the last data of transactions, they would not only change the block consisting the transaction process but also make out the blocks that led it in action to repositioning the created shared ledger. It is computationally not similar to hold, as it could need the fraudster to influence in minimum 51 % of entire processing ability in the network.

Sure it is not that easy, but it obtained worse for the would-be criminal. The blockchain system has a failsafe. In case many computers are providing up block confirmation solutions, the technology as the entire will go with all network of blockchain is the longest. More than a processor operates with the correct answer to confirm a blockchain of transactions; the confirmed blockchains are shortly limbo into one of all systems or machines has an answer for the further blockchain in the series. For that, the system optioned the most extended network of blockchains as the real one, even it becomes one of the shared records through the network.

As an example, he builds this simpler to understand. Can you imagine a block that is currently a hundred blocks long? One of could-be fake expects to waste plenty of bitcoins the next time. His real transaction is in blockchain number 60. He should alter block 60  then make blocks 61 to 100. Here, although while he is working this, the network rest keeps got along, confirming transactions also designing onto a hundred-blockchain-long network. The fake one will sustainability be behind the chain, meaning his own of the blockchain would never be noticed as legitimate. He is foiled.

Nowadays, digital commerce had boomed in the marketplace, with the developer forecasting for the total up to 1.365 $ trillion in retail sales of E-commerce just within the Asia-Pacific, and increase to 29.6 percent since 2016. Through the online sales proliferation, several experts have conjectured if brick-mortar level retail had in their death point.

Although, while it might seem that E-commerce is playing the vital role, depend on TimeTrade research that says about 85 % of consumers confirm an alternative for shopping in offline stores. For others, there are still several options about brick-mortar retail that merely cannot be changed by the serve of no-charge returns even a discounted future day delivery.

The sensation of an encouragement purchase, the visual history of being allowed to see, smell and touch products, also the ability to order a shop assistant for suggesting lead shop consumers sustain shop in the online store.

Even the biggest world online retailer, Amazon, has started brick and mortar shops around the world. What data says is that if provided the change, about 71 % of store consumers admitted they would prefer to have the transaction at an Amazon shop instead purchasing on the digital website. Although the continuing famous of an offline retail shop, orderly to take up with the developing e-commerce business, it is confirmed clear retailers require to encompass technology with their both arms.

For all retailers, something likely Internet of Things (IoT) maybe one of the digital period most substantial change. IoT allows retailers to merge the best of the offline store with works to compete any digital retailer shop. There are enormous opportunities for offline retailers who can place the position of client experience existed online into brick-mortar retail stores. Imagine that your shopping activities are gonna be completed by own suggestions, quick checkouts, virtual coupons and mobile payments.

There are many startups platform that built this omnichannel store vision to exist in real-life, and Nucleus knew to be one of the best. The basic concept of Nucleus’s IoT technology was to limit the uselessness matter that related to the brick-mortar store. Since it officially founded, Nucleus Vision hopefully could make a better business ecosystem by offering personalized experiences to the customer to while assuring their privacy.

Nucleus’s IoT system arrested and serves recently inaccessible information to brick and mortar retail through blockchain platform and their sensor technology. By providing this info, the Nucleus Vision platform comes with brilliance, assisting businesses to offer customized experiences to customers.

The vision of Nucleus is to guarantee better-level personalization for the customers. As what the CEO and founder said, Nucleus Vision designed for all shopper to make them feel special when coming to the retail store. For retailers, the platform is a delightful solution. Nucleus personalization can conduct in better expecting, and higher relationship in assume to promotional period.

Depend on what the CEO and Founder say; their retailers directly link the ION as their IoT sensor in the order they taking part in the Nucleus Vision ecosystem. There, they reach a secure and vast data transfer technology that brings them crucial insight into physical customers. According to this data, the Nucleus Vision assists retailers to gives walk-ins in the shops, develop in-store exchanges, grow regular customer cart size, even most importantly, pass customer loyalty.

Although, with this personalization, the idea comes several customer information questions in security and privacy. Fortunately, Nucleus platform uses blockchain technology to solve this issue, enabling the store customer to have full control over how their information is shared and managed. The entire order to reach a customer’s info on the blockchain platform will induce a notification right to the related customer, boosting them to give permission the transfer. Moreover, retailers will pay customers for their info, instead of links with public data. It is not only to ensures higher info integrity but also assist retailers vote and choose specific data points.

Here you must know that besides the retailer require shopper authorization to gain their info; they also should pay their nCash tokens. nCash tokens are Nucleus cryptocurrency as an info acquisition charge. Those micropayments would make in real-period on the blockchain platform to the Nucleus wallet of the customer, which could in the future be used as bonus points in all Nucleus retail shop. Laso, it could exchange for apparent currencies through the world.

Nucleus has accepted great feedback from the retail businesses until now. Nucleus Vision has been live in over ten shops in India, completed by 19 patent sensors installed among them. More than 33,000 visiting have been verified, with a right rate of over 10 % among retail customers. Those customers were delivered around 2,000 serves, and of all the offers, 75 %  were compensated. It indicates Nucleus successful. These amounts more than approve the Nucleus potential in retail.

Nucleus Rate: 4.6 of 5 from

Nucleus Vision platform has created the global first IoT powered contactless recognition technology over blockchain. Nucleus recently got 4.6 of 5 from The result based on Nucleus Vision work shows that the platform is:

  1. Reliable, experienced, well known and well-linked founder also team.
  2. Nucleus valuation also proved reasonable for the project scope.
  3. The business evaluation in market potential show an exceptional trade and potential development.
  4. Nucleus vision business evaluation in competition ecosystem also show outstanding grade, almost no competition for the platform.
  5. Their business evaluation in distribution sold is weak incentives and modest supply.
  6. Nucleus vision market evaluation in vestingfounders.
  7. The team, equally to the advisors have high profile that referred to highly experienced, committed advisors and well connected.
  8. Nucleus product about the idea is well thought, a clear plan which aims a real high-interest problem.
  9. Platform’s product in mvp is fully working first product.
  10. Also, their technology layer of the product represents an innovative product that was providing a solution to a big interest problem.
  11. The nucleus token economics for the token function is that it is stuck in the system and has attached value.
  12. Nucleus token economics through the network effect show strong network impacts, confederate incentives, and immense function value.
  13. Nucleus has simple stakes without vesting.
  14. Media and hype and presence is excellent opening, considerable hype, and high interest.

Nucleus Vision Component

The Nucleus Vision platform is created by four system layers those are

(1). Orbit blockchain

A platform, Nucleus Vision works with information flows safely among the entire parties joined. The stakeholders that come from all the world can access the relevant data.

(2). Neuron

The analytical that worked by Nucleus Vision platform is Neuron. It assists retailers to shock their customers. The analytical technology analyses the data about each buyer preferences even give suggestions.

(3). nCash

All the agreements among all participants of the platform project are operated in this currency. nCash exists as Nucleus Vision internal cryptocurrency. The primary goals are:

  • To conduct the domestic transactions.
  • To promote the customers using the private loyalty program.

Here, nCash designed a  non-begun Ethereum of token ERC20, that may not be mined. Tokens in ten number were issued. There are no further spending expected.

(4). Sensor of IoN

Nucleus Vision uses IoN sensor as platform device, which records the moment in its coverage region. The sensor of IoN is sensitive to the acceleration, temperature, sound, pressure, and movements. The sensor delivers the information related to people moving into the store.

The concept of Nucleus Vision platform arose at Harvard University in 2013. After three years specifically in 2016, it was entirely developed. At that time the system is released in ten shops in India with more than 43 thousand extraordinary identifications even more than 2 thousand own recommendations, deliver to the customers.

In 2019 the main team designs to release project of Nucleus Security, that would aid in saving the individuals safe and companies assets. Beyond, in 2022 the platform is expected to operate in several regions of modern ecosystem life. There would be smart buildings run by this system. Agriculture, Health, Transportation — the entire spheres will efficiently utilize Nucleus Vision to their operations.

Nucleus Token sale is proposed to begin in the 2018 Q1. The Project will receive  Ethereum as payment way and Nucleus Vision hard cap is designed 40 $ millions. So, it seems to cause the retail sphere revolution and next into other supported sectors of human life. It represents lots of advantages to the customers and undoubtedly retailers.

If you are feeling invited, please click the link below to get connected to Nucleus Vision to become a part of the integrated world.


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