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Sound Advice for a Family Member

My uncle came to me to talk about a problem he was having related to his health. I thought it would be something life threatening, like a heart attack or a stroke, but it was about his sexual health. He told me that he was having problems in the bedroom and wanted to know if I had some kind of solution that could help him. He was too embarrassed to see a doctor about it, and figured that since I’m young, I know about these things. I recommended that he buy some Vimax pills and contact me after he gives them a try.

My uncle and I are close enough to talk about things like this because he’s basically like a father to me. When I was young, my father died and my uncle, along with my mother, helped to raise me. (more…)

The Eyelash Serum That Actually Works

Whenever I try something new, I always research it as much as possible even before I try it. In today’s times, you just cannot be too careful. If something is going on myself or in my body, I definitely want to know all that I can on it before that happens. I had heard about an eyelash serum that is supposedly able to work miracles, especially for people who have thin eyelashes, of which I do. The active ingredient in the serum is bimatoprost, and I had never heard of that before. (more…)