Most Profitable Business for Small Business Holders

Today, business field is just getting bigger and bigger. When more people see the wide opportunity offered by running a business, it means you should compete so hard to survive. Do you know? There are some profitable businesses that offer you big chance to gain success. These small businesses are considered as profitable today. Ranging from accounting services, real estate services and doctor’s office, those businesses have wide-opened door waiting for you to come. To get closer, here are some recommended businesses to offer you big profit.

Let’s begin with accounting and tax service. This business places the highest rank of most profitable business, especially if you plan to start your career. This small business gets 18.4 percent net profit margin. Compared to the other small business, this number is really promising. Following this business, real-estate services places the lower rank. This kind of business gets 15.2 percent of net profit margin. Even though it is not as high as accounting service, real estate is a good business to start. Considering more and more demand of property, it opens a big opportunity for you to spread your wings of business. Not to mention the other business that you can build right after you have this real estate service.

Following real estate business, there is law firm with 14.5 percent net profit margin. This number is considered as profitable compared to doctor office which only gets 13 percent. Those data are obtained by observing more than 16 thousands small business with less than $10 million earnings. Actually, there is a similarity based on the data above. It is all about service industries. It cannot be denied that service industry is the most profitable business, especially for those who start. This is due to the lower startup cost, even it can be started from your own house.