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Bankex: Building The New Business World With Digital System

In this globalization era, the business world grew up fastly. As we know that nowadays all the life aspect has done on a digital basis, especially for economic aspect. The blockchain technology has made many changes to the world. This is brought out the best for world cryptocurrency community. In another hand, the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency also arising the problems. But, it doesn’t mean the development of blockchain will be stopped. The financial technology companies innovate the product in tokenization format.  One of these innovations is Bankex. Bankex is blockchain platform with smart contact multifunction which build Proof of Asset Protocol (usually know as Liquidity Protocol). The mission of Bankex is to improve the liquidity to an asset which has the underrated value because it’s become the new way to operate the traditional financial market.

The liquidity problem is one of the fundamental hurdles to financial progress.  Regardless of the company has enough resources which can consider as the sources of capital inflow when exchanged in the traditional budget market, it means that case can categorize as noneffective liquid. Bank and large company solve this problem with securitization. But, this procedure might take lots of time. It needed up to half a year and need the cost for about $300.000 to $ This procedure also not feasible for SMEs. Besides that, it is not relevant anymore, because the traditional system already changes into the business world with digital system. So, the problems also should be faced through digital ways too.

Based on that case, the Bankex build as the answer for the world society needed. Bankex has developed the solutions for the financial problem. The main product of Bankex is PoA Protocol which has the goal to allow the investors solve their asset liquidity problem. This protocol combining Bank as a Service (BaaS) and blockchain technology, which is then summarized to be four main operating steps, there are digitalization, tokenization, assets trading, and transaction. One of the unique feature that PoA Bankex is capable of tokenizing all assets. The tokenization has many benefits, for example, the tokenization in a construction project that possible to involve many investors individually to contribute themselves toward the project, so the tokenization is needed to make easy in dividing the investment result.

Bankex was built for bank exchange; it can describe the platform which is bank can exchange their product. Through this platform, the market will force the certain business to change become the business world with digital system. This is the modernization of validation mechanism, the input and output cash listed in blockchain using Proof of Asset (PoA) Protocol, this way makes the financial seen more transparent and easy to understand. Besides that, by using this mechanism, the cash will be faster and easier to access. Bankex will help the businessman, bank, investors and all the relevant parties to control their finances.

How The Bankex Working?

The working of Bankex consists of four main operating steps, digitalization, tokenization, assets trading, and transaction. Before doing the transaction, the investor should register himself using MyEtherWallets account or MetaMask account. They obliged to follow steps by steps and joining the token sales before. For the details, please learn the tutorial below.

To explain the Bankex working as PoA Protocol, start with some steps of verification and validation process. By operating the Bankex, it’s possible to create the business world with digital system with simple requirements, and borderless of the country.

  1. First, the Bankex will collect the information about the item sell and the owners of the item. This steps will do through identifying the wallet account, email and checking the KYC (Know Your Customer). This stage is important to know the capability and integrity of sellers; it has the goal to prevent the fraud. After verifying, the client can upload the information about the items.
  2. Bankex checks the available asset, location, and other information for details. This steps can be done by using Internet Things (IT) radar. Then, Bankex checks the requirements and delivery clause in jurisdiction specifically (include tax and logistic terms).
  3. Bankex input all the information into a formula that changes into data which can input to be a smart contract. On each asset change into certain formula (such as equity, car, the office room, etc.). By using the Bankex protocol smart contract replace with a smart asset.
  4. Smart assets are verified by Bankex, in certain cases the verification done by an Expert review. Then, this platform created tokens from the value and price through some product filtering. This stage has the goal to make the buyers easier to find the product in the Bankex market.
  5. Bankex was placing the token of the item in the market and start to adjust the supply and demand. After the seller and buyer gather, then they decide the final price. Product with token form send to buyer and seller will get the token from Bankex.
  6. It’s important to know that the benchmarks in a smart contract are the data about location, customs, the owner’s, etc. Now, Bankex can get the buyer information and also can send the item to the third party (in this case is distributors) to deliver the item to the buyer.

For the information, the token sale since opened in 2016 the soft cap tokens point is 20,000,000 BKX tokens, retail cap point is 80,000,000 BKX, and the hard cap point is 220,000,000 BKX tokens. The earlier, in pre-ICO Bankex successfully earned $1.5 million. The Bankex token will be used within a transaction in Bankex platform, and total tokens that will be sold to the public is 30 million tokens.

The Bankex Programmes

the development of Bankex has three main orientations, the smart asset core, R & D and Educational program.

  1. The Smart Asset Core Program

The main function of Bankex is creating the technology to build the Proof of Asset (PoA) Protocol. The Bankex Lab will do the integration and cooperation with some partners such as banks, and financial institutions. Until now, Bankex was doing a partnership with ten client Russian Bank and get the achievement as TOP 50 Startup Fintech World. Besides that, this company also get the grant from Microsoft Azure $120K. From some achievements mentioned, it describes that Bankex team also have the high commitment to building this platform better and giving the best services for all around people. Through smart asset core programme, the goal of creating a new business world with digital system will be achieved.

  1. Research And Development Program

Another task in Bankex is to search and find the new technology to complete the Bankex project. For example, it requires the new invention of algorithms to do the project like in Hackathon, Canada. Through the Research and Development Program, hopefully, the people will get the transparency of certain project. It’s going on to achieve the trust from society, especially the user. Besides that, this program also gives a chance to bankex to recruitment experience programmer to join and work in Bankex company.

  1. Educational Program for Blockchain Technology

This program engaged in education aspect, as we know the blockchain specialist for lately this year has increased. This program has the orientation for:

  • Writing the articles about blockchain technology with the aim to introduce this technology to people.

As we know that the blockchain, Bankex, and Proof of Asset (PoA) Protocol are the new things in the business world. The Bankex also provide the education sites for people who want to know more about blockchain itself. Not only to introduce but hopefully, the people also understood and interest to contribute to Bankex.

  • Holding the education course

Education course has the function of socialization what blockchain is, how to use and joining blockchain business. The education course as a follow-up the writing article program, so the people not only get the information from articles but also doing the practice and involved inside. Slowly but surely, this is one of the ways to go to the business world with digital system.

By joining the Bankex, the people will get the benefits from it. The best team behind Bankex are super committed to their works. They are Griffin Anderson, Peter Crampton, Chris Skinner, Peg Reed, Gabriele Columbro, David Wachsman, Nehemia Kramer, Sergey Sergienko, and Makoto Takemiya. This platform allows you to create the new financial product that integrated with lots of technology as the solution. In one side, this platform creates the different jurisdiction with different technology become unite. In another side, fintech company wants to launch the new product or extend their market. By building Bankex, they can do and achieve their goal quickly, more effective and don’t need to do the integration with the law of each state. To go to the business world with digital system, Bankex is the real solution that proven become the profitable platform to implement for investors, businessman, bank, and all the parties who want to improve their finances.

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Tips to Build Franchising Business

Today in this modern world, some people choose to franchise. The other people choose to build a business independently. How about you? You better know about franchising first. You should not choose before you consider about all things. When you want to franchise certain product or certain business, you better know some benefits from franchising. Some people like to franchise because they just continue products or business that has already had name. They never need to start from the first point. They can save more time and energy and they can get bigger profit when they use franchising business. You better ask some questions below before you choose franchise certain business.


First you need to ensure that you can replicate the success from the other people. You really need to choose franchise product that has already got their success. It will stimulate you to grab something similar or better than it. Second, you must ask yourself whether your primary business is running smoothly or running badly. If you can’t handle your primary business then you should not try to franchise. You better fix your problem first before you choose to start new business. Third, when you want to choose franchising, you must know first the best location for your franchisee. Location will become the main point before you choose franchising. The location must be strategic so all people will be easy to reach your place. When you don’t get profit after you place your new store in certain location, you better replace it to the other location to get better profit. Fourth, for all of you who want to franchise, please make sure that your business is enough well known. When your business is well known, you are easy to franchise your business. Fifth, you need to make sure that most of customers request new store from you. Some people really want to get your products in easy way or in near location. When you get some requests from some people to create new store, then you can make new store for them. You can make franchise near their place.


Before you choose franchising, you must make sure that your business is unique. Yes, indeed, it is really great to have unique business because there are so many advantages you can get. When there are lots of stores that sell the same products, you will not get your own customer. The competition will be really harsh and thus, the amount of profit you can get might not be optimal because it will be split to your competitors as well. It is better for you to create new business or products such as pizza with unique shape, topping and some other things. Food is easier to sell than other franchise products.

Reason of Choosing Home Business

All people will need money. They must use money to pay all things. When you want to earn money then you must work first. Without working you will never get money. Most people think that you can also get money when you work in certain office. Actually you can earn money from your home only. It is called home business. Most people have already done this type of business. Before you start home business, you better know pros and cons of home business.


We can start from the pros of doing business in the home. First, this business requires low capital. You can do your business in the home so you never need to have lots of money. You can save the office rent because you never need to pay rent fee. You don’t need to pay for the electricity and other things. You just need to use desktop and also laptop to do your business. Some people do their home business by using phone too. In other words, this kind of business is really suitable for you who have limited budget. Second, this business requires low cost advertising too. You can promote your products or business via online. It means you can promote your business for free. You can use website to promote your business. This media is very popular today and it is a better way to make all people know about your business and products. There is no limitation for your advertisement and promotion if you are using this medium but at the same time, the cost is also really low.


Although there are some pros of this home business, you need to know about the cons too. Some people say that this business requires high level competition. Today in modern time, most people choose to build home business. Somehow, it becomes some kind of trend. It makes you have lots of competitors for your business. You can’t get bigger money in fast time. You must know how to build best website first before finally you can get attention from some people in the internet and get your profit too.

Business Advertising with Pay Per Click

When you want to get attention from your customers, you better know how to advertise your product to your customer. There are some ways to promote your products. One of popular methods to promote your business is Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click online advertising is used by most of business in the world today. This advertising method is chosen because it is fast and used by most businessmen in the world. This method will give you money when you customers start to click the advertisement of your business in some sites or in your website. It is also good for you to deal with branding. Thus, if you are staring a new online business, this kind of method can be so effective. You will be able to get some benefits from this advertising method when you know the best trending keyword that you must use. That is why you need to know about keyword advertising too. Before you use this advertising method, you better know what PPC is.


Pay Per Click is one of Search Engine Marketing products that is formulated to promote business in effective way. By considering how intense the use of Search Engine like what we have nowadays, this kind of promotion is really awesome can be so beneficial. There are some benefits that you will get when you use this advertising method. Here are some benefits that you will get when you use this advertising method:


First pay per click method is faster than the other advertising products. It means by using this method, you can generate your traffic or business in short time. The advertising method will be able to focus on your target and this advertisement will appear only to your customer. Second, by using this PPC method, most people from all countries will see your advertisement and then they will buy or use your products.


Third, all businessmen want to get profit from their advertisement. When you use this advertisement method, you can return your marketing investment in fast time. There are some other benefits that you will get. You just need to search detail information about this advertising method and then promote your business.