Doing it By the Book

“Rain, Rain go away.  Come again another day.” If you remember this nursery rhyme, you probably think about it when it begins to rain on a day you’d rather be outside.  But if you love sitting inside a warm, cozy house, reading a book while the rain gently pounds the pavement outside, it can be the ideal setting for a relaxing afternoon.  In today’s digital world, using ereaders made carrying an entire library in our suitcase possible.  But there’s a tactile connection that goes missing without an actual book to hold that many people miss.  Plus, you never have to charge a battery to read a printed book.  It’s one of the reasons books, in hardcover and soft, are just as popular today as ever.  Just as vinyl is making a comeback, people are lining their shelves with real books again.

There are statistics to bear this out.  In the past few years, sales of eBooks have fallen nearly 20% in the US, while printed book sales are up by nearly 10%.  In the intervening years, where did all those books go that no one wanted to read anymore?  Fortunately, collectors were holding on to them, and now through sites like Better World Books, you can buy books at amazingly low prices, right from the comfort of your home.   Better World Books has even teamed up with Groupon and now offers special deals and codes when you apply a better world books coupon from Groupon Coupons to your purchase.  When you do, you’ll see prices drop by as much as 90% off used textbooks, and your qualifying order will ship for free.99!  Not only that, you can help a fellow student out because you can sell your gently used textbooks on their site – and make a few bucks for yourself.

One thing is sure; it rains a lot in February.  It’s the perfect reason to use a Better World Books coupon from Groupon and start or add to your printed books library today.  ereaders capable of handling lots of titles still come in handy when travelling or living in small quarters, so you’ll always find a use for them.  But with the low prices Better World Books offers for classics, children’s books, textbooks, and novels – they can come again another day.