CyberMiles: Create The Next Level of World Online Marketplaces

Nowadays, Cybermiles had become a blockchain protocol that known to be superior and superlative for small-scale-business in the future worldwide marketplace. Also known as CM or CMT, since Cybermiles developed by Michael Yuan (5xlab), many critics creates issues about Cybermiles that soon be regarded as the next world’s Ethereum. As you know Ethereum that start from 2015 has 11.9 million coins for people that support roughly 13 percent of the whole circulating supply. Cybermiles do the job to empowering online marketplace decentralization around you. Still do not get how?

Imagine that you, as a consumer, can sell and buy all products as confidence as you do at Walmart or Amazon. Cybermiles as a new generation open a chance to all individual to create a marketplace and set their communities in according to their desire. It will make a significant move because of e-commerce applications at market size is more than $1 trillion. Here all about Cybermiles that you need to know to take part in this technology of the network!

Meet a breakthrough Block-Chain Protocol: CyberMiles

CyberMiles (CM or CMT) is a novel block-chain protocol technology that developed for revolutionizing the process of marketplaces and commerce work. CyberMiles is a Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain digitally that empowers the decentralization of online Marketplace 5miles. Since years ago 5miles known as app and web that found yard sale virtually. Although CyberMiles seems like Craigslist, CM designed unlike a phone book ‘s middle page but more like the actual app.

CyberMiles designed to empower the online marketplaces decentralization because slogans are extraordinary. The essence is that CM seeks to reshuffle peer-to-peer market shopping by creating transactions both businesses the norm and consumers digitally. Alternatively, by hoping that unnatural dude buying your old clothes and oven wouldn’t giving you a vagabond check, or should to use Venmo or Paypal. CyberMiles put their big point on diverse real-world commercial applications and marketplace utilizing bright contracts including local sell and buy e-commerce, online auctions, and marketplaces.

All data and facts available showed us that Cybermiles would know as one of the most encouraging cryptocurrency in the future all the more so than even, Ethereum. The goal is to assimilate blockchain technology into the modern world. Initially, Cybermiles suggest to be implemented and issued on the public blockchain such as Ethereum as an ERC-20 standard token. 5miles, as the first Dapp on CM blockchain, will consolidate the existence of “wallet” task to hold Cybermiles balances. It allows you to employ the tokens based on 5miles platform after it activated. To knowing the full information about CyberMiles, here the  Announcement thread you can visit:

CyberMiles Unique Features

For you that still feel doubt about the excellence of Cybermiles than Ethereum, here full information about unique Cybermiles features that make a difference between two of them.  As you know, ETH on Ethereum provide facilities to use CMT (Chartered Market Technician) to discharge your ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Likely ETH, CMT also makes you possible to do that. What makes the CyberMiles tokens and blockchain different from another same kind such as Athreum?  Why do the CyberMiles Token (CMT) name as the master token for e-commerce? Here the answers :

  • CyberMiles is a new level blockchain as next generation for smart contracts. It will be the next generation Ethereum (ETH). CyberMiles’s Smart Business Contract is designed to be far more robust than Ethereum Smart Contracts.
  • CyberMiles has a real obsession to become e-commerce applications. It will present an extensive list of commerce-related SBC (Smart Business Contracts), creating it a gust to build decentralized trading applications.
  • CyberMiles partner, 5miles will drift more than 12 million US users to CyberMiles blockchain e-commerce. CyberMiles network will record credit reputation, facilitate financial transactions and history also sets user identity. The works were done without a specific clearing house or data store, consequently ensuring safety and privacy.
  • Likely ETH on Ethereum, CyberMiles applications built on possible to use CMT to reach user ICO.
  • CyberMiles provide support TPS (tens of thousands of transactions) in a second through a Proof of Stake (PoS) of a state-of-the-art agreement engine. Commitment, Ethereum nowadays only supports about ten TPS.
  • CyberMiles motivates effective participation. The new tokens will always be created as the matrix grows. It is crucial, to you as CMT tokens holders to the DPoS consensus, users have the opportunity to accept new tokens.
  • When CMT right now is optimized for e-commerce utility, CyberMiles designed to makes you the chance to decentralized settlement such as Ripple (XRP). Ripple (XRP) resolves transactions between the big banks, while CMT will determine transactions between peer-to-peer (P2P) finance parties and e-commerce.
  • CMT finally will become the most cryptocurrency that used by more than 12 million US users. The CyberMiles has a tremendous opportunity to keep developers sustainability to being more significant than the Ethereum network.

Knowing Cybermiles ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

CyberMiles, a new generation of blockchain network e-commerce optimized and designed for commercial marketplace applications. It has deduced the individual steps of investment opportunity that leading up to its ICO (Initial Coin Offering), scheduled to begin on November 21. Empowering and enhancing the decentralization of the network of an online marketplace, CM is spending millions to pay the development of its breakthrough technology.

Circumstances in including the single stages round, it has informed the formation of an inflammatory well-connected board composed, dominant leaders in marketplace network technology, venture capital, and finance. The variety of contributors and advisors slate includes experienced both women and man of many backgrounds and races, along with dignitaries (example:  Amanda Bush in St. Augustine Capital Partners. Here they are :

  • CyberMiles ICO (Initial Coin Offering) interchange 1 ETH for 7,000 CMT. The changing took place in October and November -2017.
  • Cybermiles was priced at a $50 M value during the release. There has been a high number of contributors to the ICO.
  • Robinhood underwrote CybermIles ICO with the prospect of all listing CMT on the exchange.

Altering ICO does not mean that there would be a distinguishable prove between which one is true or false. Investors only urgently need to be careful on what they investigate into as not go down into the fraudulent exercise of scammers. Lastly, bellow are advantages for raising wealth through ICO actually when judge as  Cybermiles include

  • Tokens and coin sale is the direct method to the user without exceptions to variant choices to shots with the small amount of involvement of intermediaries inside the process.
  • There is no subject to the next capital project, DAO or economy.


Changes The E-Commerce Marketplace with Cybermiles

As earlier noticed that Cybermiles requires incorporation of new generation blockchain technology to the modern world, it is relevant to discuss how CyberMiles technology influences e-commerce. These Technologies cause a significant impact by keeping transactions records and contracts between both seller and buyer. There are various ways about how do these e-commerce relationships improved between a seller and buyer online now, they are :

  • Mobile Applications: CyberMiles requires the utility of modern technology for advice now. The times in which online buyers go to seller’s location is over. The use of online applications in mobile can cause a buyer shop with delivery and ease can work possible. The only real networking or contact is when the delivery processing.
  • Extraordinary technology for Small Businesses: Nowadays, when small businesses come with a promising future CyberMiles gives you the upgrade solution. This technique is essential for thinking or considering the technology of e-commerce marketing operated by people.
  • Buyers Consistent Interest on Seller’s perception: Features provided on these mobile applications technology allows a variant in numbs of options that suitable the buyers feels thereby creating a steady and reasonable relationship also to understanding both parties efficiently and even more when contact does not exist.

Looking at newly trends in worldwide e-commerce marketplace, CyberMiles looks like will boom the e-commerce sector. There are some millions of contracts, businesses, and transactions an everyday day and these block-chain technology system regularized by several organizations to lead finances. Taking Cybermiles as an example of fast-growing technology, it has a blockchain technology that possible to changes the financial sector, ensure user privacy and do safe transactions. CyberMiles verifies the credible identity of users and secures payment. Compare to Alibaba, the most significant e-commerce located in China, the use of these blockchain technology used to avoid the adverse impact of imitation products.

The benefit of this technology is to transfer smaller scale of business units together such as peer-to-peer (P2P) parties also use to promote a large-scale public marketplace system. This concept early adopted and now proven by its useful work by 5miles that leading USA as a peer-to-peer (P2P) market. Besides, they recently mentioned a newly 5xlab invention, a blockchain lab known could offer an excellent lock-chain technology development to build up a stable networking system digitally.

When Cybermiles comes with 5miles, they can do a lot of extraordinary work by promoting together a steady network infrastructure completed by all assets on a terrace. Their method gives an opportunity to improve and support cryptocurrencies, execute smart, small-scale business contracts to ensure better market shopping and networking. You can know 5miles work to CyberMiles by visiting their website on

The importance of Cybermiles existence in the e-commerce marketplace is to bring change in how online transactions made. Cybermiles had an excellent uniqueness, transparency, and credibility. Fraud is a big challenge in the global e-commerce sector open a possibility to a P2P online transaction that has an issue with products that are fake (such as unauthenticated items or counterfeit products). Hence, to eliminate this fraudulent exercise, a blockchain system can work highly to ensure records and transparency, also can be saved up until permanently for each transaction that made. It reduces and avoids some risk such as human error, do promotes efficiency also shows more fight against fraudulent exercise.

Why Do You Need to Join The CyberMiles

Cybermiles build to purpose both sellers and buyers in the way by encouraging that products and goods that can be sold and bought with so many confidence. This is a way to helps people to invent and develop their new ideas in a credible marketplace system. There is so many confidence in joining this because CYbermiles is as believable as what Walmart and Amazon offer to you. Cybermiles technology based on business contracts, commercial and transactions applications that makes the reliable system born with tremendously within small-scale range of time. Cybermiles used for different industrial applications, i.e., turnkey solutions to creating trading platforms (c2c), an approximate model of purchasing payment being providing and structured financial answers to the e-commerce, a decentralized, small-scale business platform.

If you still asking questions why you should join the Cybermiles, here others their future to convince you as CyberMiles generation. Besides it has a mode of payment such as currency, it is similar to Ethereum mode of debt known as ETH. Cybermiles has CMT with a control function to the whole networking system. CM is an excellent liquid currency, acceptable in a high number of applications and can be operated easily by users. These are two essential things that you need to know about the CMT; they are powers the system and Liquid also acceptable. Cybermiles has main differences compared with other existing cryptocurrencies that exist. The differences are:

  • The highly experienced group in the sector of e-commerce with more than 12 years working experience that evolves in the execution and developing to answers the commercial applications problem.
  • Due to massive growth then development, there are likely to be early acceptances of Cybermiles can amazing records control (more than 12 million users) since it released.

As a conclusion, by inviting you to join CyberMiles to upgrade your taste of e-commerce application network, They can shortly speak to you by these:  there is a feature named master bonus or token that usable to e-commerce to ensures other e-commerce platforms operates on the blockchain system. Cyberiles also built in a secure and transparent order which makes sure fraudulent exercise can be known to the public, and all other information needed is secured. Ensure safe and secure transactions take place with CMT as a currency or mode of payment.


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